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Your House Your Rules

Title: “Today, I feel...”

Medium: Postcards  

Home is a place where we feel safe and comfortable. This feeling of comfort is organic and varies according to our current emotions, and other circumstances. I've designed a set of 5 postcards that will act as a reminder to all of us that it’s okay to find home in different things, places and people based on how we feel and what our situation is! 

This exhibition was a group project led by students featuring 16 artists from different majors including Graphic Communication, Screen Media, Theatre & Landscape and Architecture. Each artist interpreted their meaning of house and how they set their own rules and came up with a solo exhibit. The exhibition was led by Irfan Zakariah featuring Chaneparambil Sanaya, Crystal Koo, Dameris Khoo, Eugene Char, Gabriella Wintergrace, Jean Hia, Lebelle Chua, Marcelo Andrey, Michael Widya, Mithula Palanivel, Oh Jun Wei, Rochelle Senjaya, Shyann Ong, Syak, Wai Wai, William Wenni and Zou Yufan. Special thanks to Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. 

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