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SMU MPA Graduation Party 2020

Scope: 2 Weeks    Type: Internship Project    Tools:Illustrator, Photoshop

During my internship at Flash Concepts, I got the opportunity to work on Singapore Management University's Virtual Graduation event. The chosen theme was Dream Vacation and I had to create various assets based off the theme. I created various assets for this project including a Boarding pass like invitation EDM, Zoom call virtual backgrounds, Microsite design and game screens for a Virtual escape room.


The EDMs are designed to bring about a feeling of travel even though all of us were stuck at home due to the pandemic! The overall theme for this event included 5 main cities from across the globe, Rome, Tokyo, New York, Hawaii and Paris. All these designs were based off these cities and aimed to bring the students to these places.

200723 EDM.jpeg
200722 EDM Draft 1-1.jpeg

Microsite Design

I had to design a Microsite specifically done for this event. Students and lecturers can see the event videos here and also access their individual zoom rooms from here to meet their classmates and teachers.


Virtual Escape Room Game Screens

Graduandscan work to solve thematic puzzles either in breakout groups or individually. The first person to escape is the winner! For this escape room, a lot of clues were given and they needed game screen backgrounds with particular elements from each city. 

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