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No Means No!

Scope: 6 Weeks     Type: University Project     Tools:Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate

'No Means No!' is a campaign branding against women harassment in India. The phrase 'No Means No!' is a term referring to consent and I chose to use it as the Campaign logo phrase since harassment occurs amongst all ages and when it comes to consent, there are no blurred lines. A doll has been used as the mascot and the branding uses photography as its primary medium.

This project arose from the soaring number of women harassment cases in India. The three main issues touched upon by this campaign includes sexual abuse amongst children, workplace harassment and bride burning.Each photograph symbolically represents the issue raised by the certain poster along with a shocking statistic.  Apart from posters, the campaign comprises of pieces such as post cards, t-shirts and media banners. 

3 Main posters
Branding Logo

The logo for this campaign branding is a typeface of the phrase 'No Means No!'. The No is made to look bashed and battered to show the violence involved with women harassment in India and the 'O' has a hand representing this needs to be stopped. The main colour scheme of this branding is black and red to show the intensity of this issue through the colours representing strength, evil, power and feminity.

No Means No Postcard
Banner 1
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