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Land Of Legacy

Scope: 6 Weeks     Type: University Project     Tools:Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate

Heritage is often deemed as boring and Land Of Legacy is a card game aimed at transforming that into a fun experience. Filled with Augmented Reality surprises and fun action cards, Land Of Legacy will be an insightful yet magical experience. Even though Singapore is a modern city, it has its fair share of heritage and this game will contain cards of various heritage gems from across the island.

​​Land Of Legacy was a project that was started with the motivation of breaking the stereotype of boredom associated with heritage. Here in Singapore, amidst this fast paced life, most of us tend to overlook what is actually around us and barely ever slow down. I thought making a card game won't only highlight these heritage artefacts through a fun experience but also revive the tradition of card games in this digital era. The essence of this game is for it to be magical yet fun and hence hopefully making it stand apart from existing card games.

main card banner
Identity Colours
identity colours.png
heritage cards.png
action cards.png
Card Types

​​Land Of Legacy will majorly consist of 3 types of cards. The Heritage Cards are the most valuable cards and determine the winner of the game. Each card will have an unique base colour for easy identification.

card types.png
Augmented Reality Cards

Land Of Legacy also has 3 surprise magical cards incorporating AR into printed cards. The AR cards can be accessed using the Artivive app and will constantly be changing its AR visuals to retain the element of surprise. Players can scan the cards and play accordingly!

ar cards.png

The card game set will have a total of 48 illustrated cards along with a mini rule booklet. This rule booklet will consist of basic game rules along with a few FAQs. Card games are often taken for trips and parties and hence Land Of Legacy comes in a proper, portable and compact packaging.

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