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Ekki Pump Packaging

Scope: 3 Weeks     Type: Freelance Project     Tools:Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate

Ekki Pumps is a water based technology brand based off India. I was commissioned to design a tube package for their latest water pump series. The brand colour, Swiss Red, is the primary colour for the design. The series consists of pumps catering to 4 sectors: Agriculture, Domestic, Sewage and Industrial. Colourful illustrations based off each sector are incorporated into the design to make the packaging more attractive. The design is made to attract the target market of dealers, farmers and plumbers. The huge font size and contrasting colours are designed to help withstand the rough handling and stand out when displayed at stores.

ekki tube portfolio_.jpg


The graphics for the packaging is the most crucial part since visually it should attract buyers when displayed on shelves. The visuals were designed keeping in mind that it'll be going on a tube and hence a repeat pattern worked well. The brand colours were Swiss red and white and had to be the primary colours. Before starting on the visuals, I had to understand the pumps, its use in various sectors and its usage. Also, understanding the target audience which will consist both direct buyers and handymen buyers was quite a challenge. Keeping the above factors in mind, I decided to go for simple vector like designs of simple and understandable icons for each sector. 

Post Production

It was quite exciting to see my designs come to life, especially in such a large scale. The designs were done to accommodate the below tube packaging size and after multiple test prints, the correct design dimensions were fixed on. Also, the colours were also adjusted to look visually appealing when printed on glossy sheet for the cardboard tubes. This particular project was a huge learning process for me starting from the research step all the way until seeing the final outcome as physical products.

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