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Ekki Pump Packaging

Scope: 3 Weeks     Type: Freelance Project     Tools:Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate

Ekki Pumps is a water based technology brand based off India. I was commissioned to design a tube package for their latest water pump series. The brand colour, Swiss Red, is the primary colour for the design. The series consists of pumps catering to 4 sectors: Agriculture, Domestic, Sewage and Industrial. Colourful illustrations based off each sector are incorporated into the design to make the packaging more attractive. The design is made to attract the target market of dealers, farmers and plumbers. The huge font size and contrasting colours are designed to help withstand the rough handling and stand out when displayed at stores.

ekki tube portfolio_.jpg


Each sector is illustrated in a monochromatic colour scheme with simple and clean vector elements.

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