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Clay & Play

Scope: 7 Weeks     Type: University Project     Tools:Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate

Clay & Play is a game experience designed to invoke the inner child within us! The game promotes playfulness to allow users to do things they used to enjoy as a child like playing games. The purpose of the game is to help young adults take a break from the everyday stressful life by reconnecting with their inner child. The intended objective is to create an experience for the above purpose and a card game as the primary tool to connect with one’s inner child.


Design Outcomes

  1. Design a typeface by hand inspired by the element of playfulness from childhood 

  2. Design a card game that helps unleash the inner child using the designed typeface

  3. An interactive exhibition space to promote the game value 

  4. Develop clay stop motion, posters and other collaterals

Experimental Type Design

Create alphabets by hand using playing Clay was a very fun process since it took me back to my childhood times. Clay also gave full control of how I wanted the alphabets to look like. Apart from the fun creation process, playing clay is a very common and favourite toy from most people's childhood. Shaping alphabets with clay is also an extremely organic and experimental approach and was very experimental in creating type.

Front of the card​

cards a-z-06.jpg

Back of the card​

cards a-z-04.jpg

How to play the game?

  1. Set of 26 cards, pieces of clay and a dice.

  2. Each card will have 3 childhood memories from the same alphabet.

  3. Roll the dice and sculpt out the word the number on the dice corresponds to.

  4. The other players on the team guess the word to win a point!

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