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Bukit Batok East CC NDOC

Scope: 2 Weeks     Type: Internship Project     Tools:Illustrator, Photoshop

For the Bukit Batok East CC, we were required to host their National Day Observance Celebration event and I was assigned to do the Facebook posts and graphics for that. We had to host a series of engaging digital activities across 3 weeks leading to the National Day Observance Ceremony on the 4th weekend. The target audience for the project were community club members majorly consisting of the elderly. Keeping the audience in mind, I decided to keep the designs simple, colourful yet captivating.

Each post is designed to serve as a social media marketing tool. Being a design for a national event, certain amount of crispness was required. Also, iconic Singaporean National Day elements like fireworks, the Merlion, jet planes and Singapore flyer have also been incorporated into the design with red being the major tone of the design to represent Singapore as well. 

NDOC 10.3-01.jpg
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