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All About Touch

Scope: 7 Weeks     Type: University Project     Tools:Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate

The concept of the kit is for kids in today’s world to get to know about the basic sense of touch, hygiene, and, good touch and bad touch through a zine. The zine will be kid friendly and have multiple interactive elements for them to touch and feel, lift flaps, and even do small word searches.

touch 1-01.jpg



Logo Design

Visual elements development


This touch kit hopes to raise awareness and educate kids on touch. The kit will contain an interactive zine that will act as a guide to kids on touch, some stickers to make it fun, a foldable freebie, and some badges that kids can use to express their comfort level of touch.


Interactive Pages

Informative Pages

Stickers and Badges

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